Floor covers for ice fields

Ice field covers from Taracell are made of environmentally friendly particle foam. The floor cover panels, which can be laid quickly and are excellent insulators, are available in a standard size of 1.20 × 0.80 m; an association, company or sponsor logo can be added upon request.

Floor covers made of EPP

Floor covers made of EPP

Colour EPPGrey
Colour Polyueraother colour on demand
Exterior dimensions
L × W × H
1200 × 800 × 35 mm
Surface area1170 × 770 mm
Weight fire class C6,5 kg
Weight fire class D4,3 kg
Density60 g/l
Order unitEuro pallet of 55 units
For complete coverage of a hockey field are approximately 1910 units required. This corresponds to 35 Euro pallets.
Unit priceon demand
Item no.F6724.003


expanded polypropylene

Material properties as a PDF file 

EPP (expanded polypropylene) particle foam has the following characteristics:

  • CFC-free (no chlorofluorocarbon = no propellant gas)
  • Lightweight
  • Very good insulation values
  • Tough but flexible
  • Low water absorption
  • Robust and mechanically stable
  • Chemically resistant

Ice field cover panels from Taracell, DIN EN 13 501-1 class Cfl-s1 (with coating), meet fire regulations and have been tested by the Association of Cantonal Fire Insurance Companies (VKF).


Laying work

Laying an entire ice hockey playing field with a length of 61 m and a width of 30 m would take nine people two to three hours. The ice surface does not have to be processed in advance.

The maximum surface load for Taracell ice field cover panels is 10 kg/cm2. This means that forklifts can easily drive over the panels without the need to take extra precautions. A loading ramp is recommended.

Note: The cover panels for the four corners are cut to the contours of the field on-site.

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  • From our facility in Künten, Switzerland
  • EXW Incoterm 2010®

Delivery times

  • Custom-made according to fire class
  • Following post-production: 3 weeks from the receipt of the order