Machinery – the tool for making tools

The toolmakers at Taracell work with state-of-the-art machinery and the latest technology processes. The Taracell facility in Wohlen offers the necessary tools and plenty of space for new forms in die-making, which can be used for series component contract manufacturing, technical components in automotive construction, machine construction, exhibition and shop construction or transport packaging.

Everything needed for ingenuity

Erowa pallet changer (32-position)
5-axis machining and milling centre (Reiden RX10)
Machining options: ranges
X-axis 1000 mm
Y-axis 1100 mm
Z-axis 810 mm
A-axis +1° bis –90° continuous
C-axis 360° continuous
Werkstückgrössen ø 800 x 600 mm
bis 5-Achs-Simultanfräsen von fast allen Werkstoffen
Grössere Werkstückteile auf Anfrage.
3-axis machining centre (Haas VFM-3)
Machining options: ranges
X-axis 1016 mm
Y-axis 660 mm 
Z-axis 635 mm
Werkstückgrössen 950 x 600 x 450 mm
Bis 3-d Freiformfräsen von fast allen Werkstoffen
3-axis machining centre (Huron) 
Machining options: ranges
X-axis 1000 mm
Y-axis 700 mm
Z-axis 700 mm
Werkstückgrössen 950 x 650 x 500 mm
Bis 3-d Freiformfräsen von Kunststoff


All machines have zero point systems, which guarantees the highest flexibility and repetition precision.