Technical moulded components: building technology

Particle foam products used in building technology, e.g. in insulation casing for heating components or boilers, valve insulation or moulded components for air diffusers, help to ensure that excess energy is not lost during the heating or cooling of a building.

At Taracell, technical moulded components for building technology made of EPS or EPP are manufactured accurately and in accordance with their function. With their insulating and noise-absorbing properties, moulded components made of EPP or EPS are an obvious product solution. Especially when one considers that protective casing can also be used as transport packaging or protection.


Expanded polystyrene

Expanded polypropylene

Expandable polyethylene

Material properties as a PDF file 

Protective and insulation casings from Taracell are made of styrene or, more precisely, EPS (expanded polystyrene) or EPP (expanded polypropylene), custom-moulded for building technical equipment, such as boilers, valves and regulators. Both EPS and EPP have an insulating (no loss of heat) and noise-absorption (no disruptive noises) effect. Moulded component solutions made of EPS and EPP are light and easy to handle during maintenance and/or service work on building technical equipment.


Innovative companies in the building and heating technology sector rely on Taracell and its high-quality moulded components for heating and solar thermal fittings.