Technical moulded components: construction accessories

Technical moulded components made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) for construction accessories are used in a wide variety of processing materials at construction sites.

Whether they are used as wall support elements, insulation elements, conical stoppers for tunnel construction or as a formliner for exposed concrete, construction elements made of EPS satisfy customers because of their light weight, their insulating and moisture-resistant properties and their extreme ease of use. Taracell manufactures customised technical moulded components made of EPS as construction accessories in small and large quantities.


Expanded polystyrene

Material properties as a PDF file 

Expanded polystyrene (EPS): The bead-like material is heated – using water vapour – which causes the beads to expand considerably. The expanded beads are then pressed into the die and thus maintain the desired form. Moulded components made of EPS are light, insulating and noise absorbing, and water-resistant. EPS can easily be used for a number of different applications.