Transport packaging for medical equipment

Sensitive cargo requires the best possible transport protection. This includes the correct approach to hygienic matters. More and more, protective packaging for transporting medical instruments and replacement parts is designed to be reusable. tara-foam® E (xEPE) and EPP are the right materials for this purpose.

tara-foam® E (xEPE) and EPP can be washed multiple times and remain robust, scratch-resistant and abrasion-resistant, even after several uses. Packaging made of tara-foam® E (xEPE) is chemically neutral, durable and waterproof. Taracell develops and manufactures customer-specific packaging solutions for medical equipment with an understanding and awareness of customised and hygienically sound details.


Expanded polypropylene

Expanded, crosslinked polyethylene
tara-foam® E

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EPP, or expanded polypropylene, is a chemically neutral material. It is also known as a green material because it contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ozone-depleting substances or heavy metals. Polypropylene is also a 100% recyclable packaging material. EPP is easy to clean and prepare for reuse.

Transport packaging: logistics with a reusable system

As a responsible Swiss packaging manufacturer, Taracell aims to develop protective and transport packaging that can be reused multiple times. Taracell strives to ensure that the reusability of transport packaging is logistically independent of the distance or destination.


A sound approach to multiuse transport packaging is commonplace now. Taracell protective packaging is currently used by the following companies.